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I am working on a legacy ASP.NET web site that is highly dependent on Internet Explorer. I would like to migrate it to non-IE browsers. I know there are a large amount of differences (as detailed at quirksmode.org, etc.), so I'm searching for a javascript library that can help minimize the amount of source I'd have to change.

I'm hoping that my lack of success in finding such a beast so far means that I'm just a bad google-er, and not that I'm just going to have to slog through coming up with replacements/workarounds for all of IE's proprietary functionality that this site currently uses (it uses quite a bit).

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Frankly you should probably convert the site to a well known multi-platform javascript library such as ExtJs or jQuery.

This'll let you standardize your javascript to work on all browsers (including ie)

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I suspect that you're going to have to slug through a little. I don't know much about IE, but I'm really happy when I use jQuery. There are many functions and modules that expand the functionality available. And there is lots of help here on Stack Overflow and at api.jquery.com.

Good luck!

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