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In Perl (on Windows) how do I determine the last modified time of a directory?


 opendir my($dirHandle), "$path";
 my $modtime = (stat($dirHandle))[9];

results in the following error:

The dirfd function is unimplemented at scriptName.pl line lineNumber.

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Use the Win32::UTCFileTime module on CPAN, which mirrors the built-in stat function's interface:

use Win32::UTCFileTime qw(:DEFAULT $ErrStr);
@stats = stat $file or die "stat() failed: $ErrStr\n";
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Apparently the real answer is just call stat on a path to the directory (not on a directory handle as many examples would have you believe) (at least for windows).


my $directory = "C:\\windows";
my @stats = stat $directory;
my $modifiedTime = $stats[9];

if you want to convert it to localtime you can do:

my $modifiedTime = localtime $stats[9];

if you want to do it all in one line you can do:

my $modifiedTime = localtime((stat("C:\\Windows"))[9]);

On a side note, the Win32 UTCFileTime perl module has a syntax error which prevents the perl module from being interpreted/compiled properly. Which means when it's included in a perl script, that script also won't work properly. When I merge over all the actual code that does anything into my script and retry it, Perl eventually runs out of memory and execution halts. Either way there's the answer above.

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Did you file a bug on CPAN about this issue? –  Ether Apr 17 '10 at 15:52
 my $dir_path = "path_of_your_directory";
 my $mod_time =  ( stat ( $dir_path ) )[9];
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