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I want to do something like this from within Eclipse: http://svn.collab.net/viewvc/svn?view=rev&revision=33845

I use Subversive 0.7.5 with the Native JavaHL 1.5.3 (r33570) Connector.

I tried to change something in a my working copy of a branch i'd like to tag and creating a Tag with Team -> Tag... But I got the error message:

Tag operation for some of selected resources failed.

A path under version control is needed for this operation

I tried only a tag name and one with full repository path. Both resulted in the same error. This is the error I get:

*** Tag
svn copy "C:/workspace/some_branch" "http://server:8080/svn/project/tags/TagWithChange" -r WORKING -m "TagWithChange" --username "masi"
A path under version control is needed for this operation

Is it possible from within Eclipse?

How would you do something like this from the command line? See my own answer.

Though if I use the following at the command line I get an error:

svn copy "C:/workspace/some_branch" "http://server:8080/svn/project/tags/TagWithChange" -r WORKING -m "TagWithChange" --username "masi"


svn: Syntax error in revision argument 'WORKING'

I'm using the svn client 1.5.4.

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Found the command line answer myself: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.4/svn.branchmerge.tags.html

svn copy some_branch http://server:8080/svn/tags/TagWithChange -m"TagWithChange"
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I've found this same error when I used the Native JavaHL. You can do two things to make your tag.

A. Tag From SVN Respository Exploring Perspective

SVN Repositories View

  1. Right click on the trunk you'd like to tag, New -> Tag.

B. Update SVN Connector

SVN Kit (SVN/1.5.5 SVNKit/1.2.2 (http://svnkit.com/) r5428)

  1. Install SVN Kit through software updates.

  2. Window -> Prefs -> Team -> SVN -> SVN Connector -> SVN Connector

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I have always used Subclipse http://subclipse.tigris.org/ with eclipse - it is excellent and I think what all other plugins benchmark from.

It has been awhile since i used that particular setup, but subclipse will automatically add a new (non versioned file - one that hasn't been 'versioned', or put in the repository yet) meaning you shouldn't get your error.

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We tried subclipse, but we deeply depend on the 1.5 merging feature and Subversive is more convenient for us. –  masi Nov 5 '08 at 16:33

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