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I am writing a C program using Visual Studio 2008. I use F7 to compile and F5 to execute the program.When I press F5 an execution window contains the output. But I want the output to get saved to a text file. How to do this in visual studio. Please help me someone.

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Redirecting the output as described below works just fine but then you don't see any output when running the program - it gets redirected to the file. Consider modifying your code for a logging API, or google for "windows tee" – Sam Post Apr 17 '10 at 12:35

I think using the command line parameter >output path will do the trick. for example:

myapp.exe >D:\result.txt

will direct the app output to result.txt file. If you running the application from within Visual Studio, you can configure the command line parameters using "project properties > Debug".

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You can run the same executable from the command line and redirect its output to a file as:

C:\dir_of_the_executable> myprogram.exe > output.txt
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