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Does anyone know of a complete Haskore example that will take a small example and output a MIDI file? I'm looking for a starting point to start using Haskore and Google isn't turning up much.


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Holy Moly! They sure don't make it easy do they? Don't use the older, pre-2004 stuff (and it's often difficult to tell with no dates on wiki pages and no version numbers).

Does the cabal install work for you? These examples worked for me:

Specifically, the Kantate147 writes a midi file.

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Here's an extremely simple example for which works for me with the old haskore-vintage package from 2000 (which someone said was simpler):

import Haskore

n1 = Note (C, 4) 1 []
n2 = Note (F, 4) 1 []

ourChord = n1 :=: n2
ourMidiFile = testMidi ourChord
main = outputMidiFile "simple_example.mid" ourMidiFile
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