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Say I have a structure like:

class SomeObject
   Public Name as String
   Public Created as Date
end class

I have a List(of SomeObject), which has multiple entries for each name with different times. I'd like to select the newest (largest Created value) object for each Name.


Name   Created
A      2010-04-16     *
A      2010-04-15
B      2010-04-12
B      2010-04-13     *
C      2010-04-16     *

I'd like to pick the objects with the * beside them.

Is this possible using LINQ?

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It is:

var maxObjects =
    from o in myList
    group o by o.Name into g
    select new { Name = g.Key, Created = g.Max(o => o.Created) };

See 101 Linq samples to see how Linq can be used.

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