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I am using mgtwitterEngine to integrate twitter functionality.In my application i want response in XML format so i have done all the changes as metion in readme of mgtwiiter for example i have done


in MGTwitterEngineGlobalHeader.h and

#define USE_LIBXML 1

in MGTwitterEngine.m file and i am checking that API_FORMAT is xml too but whenever i am getting response i am getting in json format.
Please can any one tell me what am i missing? any help would be appreciated.


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Are you looking at NSLog output for received objects? NSLog output for objects like dictionary or array is similar to JSON format.

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Hi Thanks Donal for reply and i got it but i am getting confuse as how to get value from libparser for example i want to get screen name after updating my status can any one help me how to get it. As when i went through mgtwitterengine i saw it send NSArray * to statusesReceived method. –  deep Apr 18 '10 at 10:01

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