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As you all know Visual Studio Express edition do not support Source Control Integration and Add in

As it is obvious there is a feature which allows VS tointegrate with any kind of source control. So I'm using VS express for myself (in home, and for my presonal Project and want to use a source control for my projects) So what should I Do

Currently I'm using SVN and by Command Prompt using svn, but I want to create an Add-In for VS Express edition which works with VS Express.

Any help will Appriciate.

Update : An example for doing this is to write an application which run beside of VS and by refactoring find the Items and make them capable to work with a sourcecontrol inside of VS express your solution may be completely different

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As Sam said, you can't write an Add-on. In my opinion, the best add-in for the full Visual Studio is AnkhSVN and they have not been able to create one either.

So I would recommend looking at Tortoise SVN instead. It is a complete, mature and Free GUI SVN client, implemented as a Windows Explorer extension. If you can't integrate into Visual Studio Express, this is the next best thing.

Microsoft's Dan Fernandez from the Visual Studio team does discuss on his blog how TestDriven.NET managed to work around the restrictions in the Express Editions.

I recommend against trying this for practical and ethical reasons, but the information is out there, so this answer would not be complete without it.

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@Colin As I told @Sam, I know that there is no support for add-in for VS Express, I'mlooking for a kind of backdoors, tricks, hack or something else which force VS to use it. I also Update my question – Nasser Hadjloo Apr 17 '10 at 7:28
@Nasser Hajloo I have updated my answer. I don't recommend trying this however. – Colin Pickard Apr 17 '10 at 7:33

I don't think you can as the express editions don't support Add-ins. See this question for some more details

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I know Express don't support Add-in, and it is because I'm looking for a trickor hack to do this, there are always some geek which done this before. I hope I found one here. – Nasser Hadjloo Apr 17 '10 at 7:21

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