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How can I operate on files in masm. I mean using standard libraries included to microsoft (masm). Or somethning available in windows without linkink libraries.

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More information is needed. Are you writing a program for DOS or Windows? – stakx Apr 17 '10 at 9:39
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Start with the MASM32 site (it will provide you with the basic includes you need). Use the Win32 API as your RTL (nothing to statically link). For console IO, see the GetStdHandle call to get you started. Use INVOKE to handle the Win32 parms call parameters. Also remember that you can define local variables in a MASM function and MASM will generate all the BP relative addressing for you, as well as the entry and exit sequence. MASM (32-bit) has a number of very handy HLL features (that are broken in 64-bit MASM, btw).

Have fun!

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