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I have an interface from Java

public class IJava
   public java.lang.Class getType();

It is inherited in Scala

class CScala
    def getType() = classOf[Foo]

It worked in Scala 2.7.7. But in 2.8.0.RC1, I get

type mismatch;  found   : java.lang.Class[Foo](classOf[Foo])  
required: java.lang.Class

How do I get java.lang.Class in Scala 2.8?

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Try to annotate the return type of getType() as java.lang.Class. The problem here is that you are using a raw type on the interface, and raw types really don't work well with Scala.

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annotate the return type java.lang.Class[Foo]

class CScala { def getType() : java.lang.Class[Foo] = classOf[Foo] }

it is ok.

But, the method signature is changed by subclass. Interesting!

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