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Quick question, has anyone ever come across either a web cam API or an open source alternative that can be easily integrated to a site without having any Flash or ActionScript experience.

I should probably say what I'm trying to do.... The idea is to create a Facebook app that lets friends communicate (and meet new people too) in real time over web cam. However I don't have the required experience to write the Flash part so any help would be appreciated.

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The open source server Red 5 might be an option:

Red 5 is an alternative of Adobe's media server. Implemented in J2EE and running on Tomcat.

Includes support for NetConnection, NetStream, SharedObjects, AMF0 and AMF3. Provides support for streaming audio/video and recording client streams (FLV)

Recently, Red 5 1.0 RC has been released.

Previous releases came with sample code. This setting up webcam streams should be relatively simple.

As a commercial product, have a look at Adobe's LiveCycle Collaboartion Service here:

LiveCycle Collaboartion Service is hosted by Adobe. with a free/low entry.

Finally, let me note, that the current Flash/Flex comes with video/audio peer to peer streaming functionality - no transmission server required - by means for RTMFP. Have a look at Cirrus (formerly Stratus):

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