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I'm currently reading the book Professional Enterprise .NET and I've noticed this warning in some of the example programs:

'NUnit.Framework.Assert.IsInstanceOfType(System.Type, object)' is obsolete

Now I may have already answered my own question but, to fix this warning is it simply a case of replacing Assert.IsInstanceOfType() with Assert.IsInstanceOf()? For example this:

Assert.IsInstanceOfType(typeof(ClassName), variableName);

would become:

Assert.IsInstanceOf(typeof(ClassName), variableName);
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From the NUnit documentation the IsInstanceOf method is a generic method so you would use this:

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That's even cleaner syntax, thanks Mark! – Malice Apr 17 '10 at 13:15

For completeness: if you use the constraint model:

Assert.That(variableName, Is.InstanceOf<ClassName>());

or your test class inherits AssertionHelper:

Expect(variableName, InstanceOf<ClassName>());
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