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I want to write something in a file. for example,

for i in range(3):

then I open this python file in IDLE, and click "Run Module". There is no error message but I find the writing is not complete if I didn't quit IDLE. How can I complete the file writing without quitting the IDLE? Thanks.

(I use Python 2.6.2 on Windows XP.)

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fo.close returns the function object, as in the a = fo.close assignment. If you want to actually call it you need the parentheses: fo.close(), or, equivalently, a(). –  badp Apr 17 '10 at 14:52

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You can try using


and mayby


after writing to file object to ensure that all file operations are flushed to disk.

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Maybe a typo, but it should be:


Then it should work.

Alternative you can use the with statement syntax (better example):

with open('C:\\Python\\readline_test.txt','a') as fo:
    for i in range(3):

The file is automatically closed when leaving the with block.

(Instead of 'abc'+'\n', just write 'abc\n')

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