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Hi: Is there a good way to benchmark a Visual Studio developer PC, instead of looking at the technical specs? Objective is to set a level and see every developer passes, if not upgrade them to new PC. Any thoughts and suggestions?

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How about the built in Windows System Assessment Tool? It has been part of windows since Vista.

From the linked article:

It currently assesses:

  • Aero Assessment
  • Direct3D Alpha Blending Assessment
  • Direct3D Texture Load Assessment
  • Direct3D ALU Assessment
  • Windows Media Playback
  • CPU Performance
  • Memory Performance
  • Disk Performance
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+1 This about the best built-in baseline you have, the most important factors for VS in particular will be Disk and CPU performance. –  Nick Craver Apr 17 '10 at 18:16
And with VS 2010 using WPF, the graphics capabilities are also a factor. –  Oded Apr 17 '10 at 18:18

You could also try something like CrystalMark, it's a free benchmark and gives you an overall report of your system performance in actual measured values, not a Windows index. It measures processor (integer and floating point), graphics (2D and 3D), memory, cache, and disk.

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