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I need to copy a form information with all types of elements and send it with AJAX.

Tried these: 1. cloneNode on the form. - Doesn't work with IE, only copies text stuff properly.

  1. cloneNode on each element.

    • Doesn't work with IE, only copies text stuff properly.
  2. Making new textareas for each element, and copying the value in.

    • Doesn't work for textareas in IE, formatting is lost.

I imagine a combination of those 3 would work for IE and FF but is there any decent solution to this? Shortness of code is a priority.

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Why clone the elements if you're just sending the data through ajax anyway? Why not just extract the data and send it using XHR? –  Andy E Apr 17 '10 at 18:52
Since I have YUI2 loaded, I figured I would just use that to submit the form through AJAX, there's a set function. But I have to change the form data invisibly. If no easy way to clone, then I'll have to try that thanx. –  user202987 Apr 17 '10 at 19:13
You are better off not cloning - iF not you will end up with tight coupling between the form layout and the backend. –  Romain Hippeau Apr 17 '10 at 20:01

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