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I am developing a WPF application, and I need your advice.

I have to generate reports in my application. What should I use, Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services? Which one is better, and why?

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I have used both Although Crystal Reports is very well know and widely used. It can be a hassle at times (Not saying that SQL Server reporting services is not a hassle sometimes.)
Pros for Crystal Reports

  • May people use it and understand how to use it.
  • Its ability in the creation of more basic to intermediate reports quickly is a plus.
  • Even if you don't know SQL you can still fiddle with Crystal Reports to get the result you want, and flatten out the data.
  • Supports Dynamic Cascading Prompts (version XI and Higher)
  • Supports Web Viewer, ActiveX, Java and HTML.

Cons for Crystal Reports

  • Crystal's Report Design Component
    seems to be full of strange scenarios.
  • I believe because the software has changed hands so many times. Documentation is pretty limited for the Report Design Component.
  • A beginner can definitely create a nice formatted report quickly and easily, but when it comes to more complex reports where performance is needed. Going back to understanding SQL is necessary.

Pros for SQL Server Reporting

  • Web Based Reporting Server
  • Report Rendering Engine supports a number of formats (Excel, HTML, Image, and more)
  • Publishing and scheduling is a part of Reporting Services. In crystal you need Crystal Reports Server or Business Objects Enterprise for Publishing and scheduling. Or you would need to create your own custom app)
  • Parameter prompting is nicer in my opinion
  • Saved Data sources can be accessed by excel users.
  • User login an permissions are built in.
  • Subscriptions are a built in feature

Cons for SQL Server Reporting

  • It can sometimes be a pain to implement
  • the Report builder feature for building simple reports is somewhat limited
  • The best report builder is Visual Studio's Business Intelligence Studio. This is only a con because for a beginning end user this could seem overwhelming

In all SQL Server Reporting Services is my pick.

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I use SSRS in a big project and start using it from 3 years ago. it is a very good solution. I recommend you to use SSRS not Crystal Reports.

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In the Following Link, the first two answers (one who supports SSRS and the other who supports CR) and they are giving their opinion about it.

Compare SQL Server Reporting Services to Crystal Reports

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Crystal Reports - 780 MB
Report Builder - 30 MB (still better and easier to use)

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