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i have just this line in a template:

<?php include_component('sfGuardRegister', 'register') ?>

when it's executed i get a blank page. I have debugged include_component() and the flow processing is not entering inside of it, i mean:

function include_component($moduleName, $componentName, $vars = array())

  echo get_component($moduleName, $componentName, $vars);

Any idea?

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Yes, i have written a custom module+component. –  ziiweb Apr 18 '10 at 5:11

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Have you loaded PartialHelper?

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If you are in production environment (index.php) blank pages will show on error. Change to development environment (frontend_dev.php) and it will tell you why there is a problem.

My bet is you haven't enabled sfGuardRegister in setting.yml:

  enabled_modules:      [.... , sfGuardRegister]
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