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Edit: I voted to close this question as it is off-topic. I asked it when I didn't know any better.

What's your experience distributing Android apps outside of the Android Market?

Which alternative markets an Android developer should consider? Any success/horror stories?

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From an user point of view, I hate to use any market that is not the Android Market: it's easy and fast to search. – Magnetic_dud Apr 18 '10 at 10:56
The market app could be much better but I wouldn't like having three of them and need to search in all of them etc. – Janusz May 11 '10 at 8:07
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SlideME is worth taking a look at. My app is available on both Google's Market and SlideME. I also provide a plain download link to an APK file for people not interested in "markets".

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I found that getting my money out of slide me to be almost pointless unless your selling $100s worth of software. In fact they wouldn't pay me until I reach a minimum $100 of sales which isn't going to happen on there. – themaninthesuitcase May 11 '10 at 8:16
i have 800-1000 download from android market and 30 from slideme - my app is free, you do the math :) – mishkin Mar 25 '11 at 2:20

There also are:

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Zedge will promote your app in Zedge Discovery Network. Registering here before the public release might give your app some buzz.

Other popular promotion and app sites:,, and

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Need invite code for Zedge Discovery Network ? Give me a hint, i'll be happy to help. – Vidar Vestnes Dec 6 '10 at 22:08

I have used AndAppStore and got between 1K-10K downloads for some apps. However, all those apps got much more downloads from the Android Market. I have yet to know an alternate market that produces more downloads than the official one.

AppsLib is interesting because it targets the unofficial Android tablet Archos 5 IT.

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I have had decent success on a few of the alternate markets, but the total downloads of all of the alternate markets that I have seen are somewhere around 10% of the downloads on the main market. That doesn't mean that these people can't download from the main market, I just think that people like choices. I think the majority of my SlideMe purchases are from the USA, which surprised me.

I personally think that 10% is worth a little time. I also have faith that I'll eventually make the $100 minimum of SlideMe, but it could be a while.

Then Amazon came out with their app market and that is a game-changer.

Start with these: Amazon

There are DOZENS of others that I've checked out, and am in the process of blogging about. Start with the three above, however.

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In my experience as of March 2013 I have found the following app stores most useful for distribution in terms of maximum downloads:

I also tried out InMobi App Publish today and did a small review here, it promises to distribute you app to 130+ store globally.

I have found Amazon, GetJar, CNet not to perform so well.

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