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Is there a way to get the top level container of a component? For example I have a JToolbar and I want to know at one monent the top level container of that JToolbar is my JFrame or is its own window, a JDialog.

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If the component has been added to the hierarchy, you can look up the top-level container by recursively calling getParent:

Container c = toolbar;
while ( c.getParent() != null )
  c = c.getParent();

if ( c instanceof JFrame )
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Today I faced this same problem and did exactly the recurive method and worked fine. Actually the approved answer won't work if the container of the component is a JPanel. So I believe that the second answer is more flexible cause it let's you choose what to look for.... –  HoNgOuRu May 18 '12 at 0:46

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