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I'm trying to parse BBcodes in php but i don't think my code is safe at all.

$Text = preg_replace("(\[color=(.+?)\](.+?)\[\/color\])is","<span style=\"color: $1\">$2</span>",$Text); 

I think you can pass an injection like this and it will work:


How to improve my regex to only capture the two standar color formats:

[color=red]...[/color] OR [color=#FF0000]...[/color]


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To mask html tags all you need is replace all < with &lt; – serg Apr 18 '10 at 5:53
BBCode is not a regular language and thus you cannot use a regular expression to parse it. – Gumbo Apr 18 '10 at 7:49

PHP actually has built-in support for bbcode (though you'll need to install a PECL extension).

Alternatively, there is a PEAR library HTML_BBCodeParser that you can use.

I would recommend using one of the above solutions instead of writing your own as they have been community tested.

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I think that's the idea, my regex is a little rusty (sorry).

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If you do want to write your own bbcode parser, it's best to take some time to write a decent Recursive descent parser for it.

This because you must be sure that the bbcode is properly formatted and nested, having a random in your code can break the layout. You must take care to remove any javascript:// protocol identifiers in the links. And take take to only go over a string once to avoid double encoding ([b[b]bold me[/b]]me too[/b]). The list goes on and is beyond simple regexes to get completely right.

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