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I'm trying to be responsible with my "DOM" references in this little Flash 8/AS2 project.

What has become increasingly frustrating is obtaining references to other movie clips and objects. For example, currently my code to access the submit button of a form looks something like this

var b:Button = _level0.instance4.submitBtn;

I was hoping there was an instance-retrieval method for AS2 similar to AS3's MovieClip.getChildByName() or even Javascript's document.getElementById(). Because hard-coding the names of these anonymous instances (like instance4 in the above) just feel really, really dirty.

But, I can't find anything of the sort at this AS2 Reference.

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If the MovieClip was placed on the stage in the Flash IDE, you can give it a proper instance name in the properties panel.

If it was dynamically added, you can also give it a name, and additionally store a reference:

var my_MC=createEmptyMovieClip("instanceName", depth);

In either case, you can then adress them with _parentClip.instanceName or my_MC.

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But then for deeply nested instances, is my only option to do something like _parentClip.childInstance.anotherChild.anotherChild.aaaaahhh? –  Peter Bailey Nov 5 '08 at 20:56
You can always store a reference in a variable that is more conveniently accessible. Or: the clips themselves could pass a reference to a central manager. e.g. _root.addMenuItem(this); This function could, for example, store references to all menuItems in an Array, regardless of their depth. –  moritzstefaner Nov 5 '08 at 21:17

There are a couple ways you can do this. The easiest way is to use Array notation. Your previous example, which looks like this:

var b:Button = _root.instance4.submitBtn;

would look like this in Array notation:

var b:Button = _root["instance4"].submitBtn;

So if you wanted to loop through 100 buttons already created and set the alpha to 0:

for( var i:Number = 0; i < 101; i++)
     var button:Button = _root["instance"+i].submitBtn;
     button._alpha = 0;

You can also use eval("instance4") to do the same thing, but I'm a little foggy on the scoping issues involved.

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You could just write it yourself (code not tested but you get the idea):

MovieClip.prototype.getElementByName = function(name : String) : Object
    var s : String;
    var mc : Movieclip = null;

    for( s in this )
    	if( this[s] instanceof MovieClip )
    		if( s == name )
    			mc = this[ s ];

    		mc = this[s].getElementByName( name );

    return( mc );
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