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I have other pages within my app preferences which are stored as separate files within the settings.bundle.

It has come time to localize my app and I can only seem to get the Root values to localize. I was wondering whether there was a trick?

The following image shows that my second screen is stored within a file called "MyPrefs.plist" and I have created a corresponding named file "MyPrefs.strings" in the en.lproj directory. Mirroring the same naming and location as the Root.plist and Root.strings.

alt text

The values with the Root.plist are converted as expected but not in the extra screen.

Is there any trick to localizing secondary screens with the settings.bundle?

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Have you set the correct value for Strings Filename key in the MyPrefs.plist file ?

It should look like:

+ iPhone Settings Schema
      Settings Page Title    MyPrefs Title
      Strings Filename       MyPrefs
    + Preferences Items
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Perfect thanks - it was still pointing to Root. I made sure the MyPrefs.plist file had the following before the PreferenceSpecifiers key. ... <key>StringsTable</key> <string>MyPrefs</string> <key>PreferenceSpecifiers</key> ... – joneswah Apr 18 '10 at 11:16

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