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I'm using C# to send JSON to a PHP-Script, like this:

string json = "{";
json += "\"prop\":\"some text\"";
json += "}";

PostSubmitter post = new PostSubmitter();
post.Url = "http://localhost/synch/notein.php";
post.Type = PostSubmitter.PostTypeEnum.Post;
post.PostItems.Add("note", json);

Of course I'll have to escape the inner quotes, but they get sended to the script! To make things worse: There is text, which already has quotation marks, so those must be escaped to be valid JSON. In this case I want the backslashes to be transmitted. Any idea to accomplish this?

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Why not serialize the custom object to json result. That way you don't have to worry about the escaping, the framework would... Here is an example using JavaScriptSerializer - Convert objects to JSON in C# using JavaScriptSerializer

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Escape your backslashes \\:

json += "\\\"prop\":\\\"some text\\\"";
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Ooops, thought PostSubmitter is from the .NET-framework, but it's third-party. Nevertheless: Turned out that this is a PHP-problem. If someone has a similar problem: Look for get_magic_quotes_gpc in PHP-docs.

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