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Is there a way to transfer C++ preprocessor definitions into a custom pre-link step procedure call as a command-line parameter or export them into a file any other way?
Example: Let's say, I have a c++ project, and in it's Debug configuration I put a preprocessor definition like MAKUMBA_OBA=0x13
Then I add custom pre-link step which executes some javascript like

sarahjessicaparker.js /to tomsrhinoplasty $(MAKUMBA_OBA)

It would be great, if it just worked, but I never get a third parameter in my js. So the question is: how to pass a preprocessor definition to s script?

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A code example, please. –  anon Apr 18 '10 at 16:06
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There is no way to do such a thing. The only acceptable solution is to analyze the build profile name and act accordingly.

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