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Are there any built-in C# data structures that are like a hash table but requires both the Keys and the Values to be unique among each other? I basically want a way to look up my Key object in a table via a unique Value and vice-versa. Next to maintaining two hash tables or iterating over each key in the hash table (which is slow), I cannot think of a better way to implement this.

Is the fact that I even have this request a sign that I am designing something incorrectly in my code?

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It's not necessarily a design flaw, but there's nothing built into the framework. Fortunately, there was a very similar question recently, and I wrote an answer which should serve you well.

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Looks to be exactly what I was looking for! Thank you. –  Matthew Ruston Nov 5 '08 at 20:17

Google Collections calls this a BiMap. Maybe you could port this to C#?

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