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In my application, I want to stream videos shot on an iPhone, *.movie files, from a server running on a Mac desktop to an iPhone or iPad client. What are some possible open source servers that do this that are small enough to be shipped or embedded with a downloadable Mac app? There is a product StreamToMe by Matt Gallagher that does this. I noticed a lot of open source alternatives like ffmpeg, VideoLan, and the like but I not sure which one would be good for the Mac.

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There is an app called iPhone Remote. It is under Apache license, and should do what you need.

Here is a little rundown on its features. While it may be an overkill, it's free, open source and has the streaming feature you may be able to extract.

Here is the official page

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Thanks, that might work. –  John Wright Apr 20 '10 at 3:41

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