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I am debugging a really tricky problem with servlet filters in a web application running on a JBoss 5.1.0 AS. I really need the source of the tomcat that runs inside my JBoss. I already downloaded the src-Package from JBoss but could not find the tomcat sources in it.

Any suggestions?

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"JBoss Web" is the JBoss modified version of Tomcat included in JBoss app servers. You can find the anonymous SVN link on JBoss Web page

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I'd rather like to hear about the "really tricky" problem. Post a question about that :)

Back to the actual question, you don't have much to the "original" Tomcat source. JBoss may have modified stuff here and there. They also modifies the file which normally reside somewhere in the catalina.jar and contains the exact Tomcat version.

But, JBoss AS itself is open source as well. Why don't you just download from there? Pick the file with src inside the name.

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