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I understand that is not possible to have applications with multiple entry points under Windows.

I have a MFC application and I added code for making it running as a service (main() entry point and other required stuff) but it looks that Windows will always run the WinMain() from MFC instead of my main.

The question is how can I disable the WinMain() from MFC in order to be able to run my own main().

Probably the same problem would apply if you want to run the same application as a console application.

What do I have to change in project properties in order to build it as a console application (main instead of WinMain)?

Is commenting my CWinApp the only solution?

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If you look at the linker settings you can change the entry point. This is where you want to be looking.

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I was looking before writing but now I found the option: Linker > System > SubSystem –  sorin Apr 18 '10 at 22:27

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