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I have a problem here. I need to send some value to 'text1 and 'text2'. For example,

text1 =

...and this code below will refer to those values..

FILE  *child = _popen("java -jar c:\\simmetrics.jar text1 text2 > c:\\test.txt", "r");

How can achieve it. I have done many ways, and it keep on giving me pointer errors.

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Redirection is accomplished by the shell, not by the execution or piping mechanism. Since popen gives you a FILE* object on which you can read from the program's standard output, you should simply read from the result file and write that result to a FILE* that you construct with fopen("test.txt","w"). Also, you should be aware that the IEEE Std. 1003.1 "POSIX" function is popen, the _popen business is a MSFT thing.

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