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I created a google app engine project. I just successfully mapped it to a new domain. The name of my project is "grape". So by default, it is published at I mapped it to, which is terrific.

Now I'd like to create a new app engine project, and have it mapped to:

how do I go about doing this? I think it is possible, I'm just not sure where I would do this mapping? Since I own, I am hoping I can map a new project to t.

The basic idea was to have one project which is responsible for the UI stuff, then a second project responsible just for a public api, which would be great.

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The instruction in the docs apply to mapping an app to just as well as to mapping it to -- just don't skip point 5 in the instructions, since it says

If you want to serve your app on the www subdomain, skip the rest of this step and continue with step 6 in this list.

so I imagine you skipped that for your first part. You just need to type api in the Web Address field as shown in step 5!

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Thanks that worked. – user246114 Apr 19 '10 at 2:55

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