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I would select multiple DOM elements using a typical code such as this:

$('#ele1, #ele2, #ele3').click(function () {});

If I have variables of each DOM element, e.g.

var domEle1 = $('#ele1');
var domEle2 = $('#ele2');
var domEle3 = $('#ele3');

How can I select them all at once? Instead of individually...

domEle1.click(function () {});


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    [domEle1, domEle2, domEle3]
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It's like that:

$(domEle1).add(domEle2).add(domEle3).hide(); //for example
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You can use an array for this:

$( [ '#ele1', '#ele2', '#ele3' ] ).click( function() {
} );
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$([domEle1, domEle2, domEle3]).each( function() {
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