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I have an enum. Based upon the value brought by model, I have to check radio button. How can I do that?

<%=Html.RadioButton("Role", Role.Viewer)%><%= .Role.Viewer%>
        <%=Html.RadioButton("Role",.Role.Reporter)%><%= Role.Reporter%>
        <%=Html.RadioButton("Role",Role.User)%><%= Role.User%>

My enum would be having the numbers 1 to 3 for e.g. How can I check the Role.Viewer if enum value selected is 1?

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You can cast the enum values to int without any problems:

<%=Html.RadioButton("Role", (int)Role.Viewer)%><%= (int)Role.Viewer%>
<%=Html.RadioButton("Role", (int)Role.Reporter)%><%= (int)Role.Reporter%>
<%=Html.RadioButton("Role", (int)Role.User)%><%= (int)Role.User%>

Bear in mind that the enum definition implicitly has a 0-based index. If you want more control, you can manually assign int values to the enum yourself:

public enum Role {
    Viewer = 1,
    Reporter = 2,
    User = 3


Based on your comments, I get that you want to bind a database value to the radiolist. You can do that by using the following code:

<%=Html.RadioButton("Role", (int)Role.Viewer, Model.Role == Role.Viewer)%><%= (int)Role.Viewer%>
<%=Html.RadioButton("Role", (int)Role.Reporter, Model.Role == Role.Reporter)%><%= (int)Role.Reporter%>
<%=Html.RadioButton("Role", (int)Role.User, Model.Role == Role.User)%><%= (int)Role.User%>

This code assumes the database value is synced with Model.Role, but you can replace it with your own logic of course. And there are more elegant ways to write the radiobutton enumeration, but for only 3 radio options, it's safe to stick to this solution.

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Thats helpful, how do I check button based on the value return. eg, lets say 1 has been returned, I will need to select the Role.Viewer radio button and the others remained unchanged? – learning Apr 19 '10 at 6:46
You can do that by casting the int value back to the enum: var myRole = (Role)returnValue;. – Prutswonder Apr 19 '10 at 6:56
I think you haven`t understood my question. I retrieve the values from my database, and from that I find Role selected is number 3. I need to check the radio button for Role.User. If other numbers return, their corresponding buttons have to be checked, upon loading. – learning Apr 19 '10 at 7:02
Updated my answer for you with a sample for that. – Prutswonder Apr 19 '10 at 7:59
its not working , the radio button isnt being checked accordingly! – learning Apr 19 '10 at 11:11

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