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A few years ago I've installed several SVN plugins for eclipse. At the time I wasn't impressed with their quality. Many were slow, buggy and couldn't cope with any file interactions that didn't go through the plugin. So I went back to just using TortoiseSVN for windows and command line for linux. Now I'm ready to give it another try.

Which Subversion plugins for Eclipse are most popular currently and work well, how do they compare?

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Subclipse is the most popular, but Subversive is the most usable IMO. Subversive was built to cleanly integrate into the Eclipse team system - something which Subclipse does't do that good. You can follow this link for a discussion of both plugins.

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Subversive is meant to be the official eclipse svn plugin, but the setup was still more difficult than subclipse last time I installed.

Subversive does offer a richer interface, and I prefer it now over subclipse, even with the more complicated installation.

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Subclipse has a very good integration with maven projects. It's easy to use and intuitive. Despite of some minor bugs I have no complains after using it for several years.

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Subversive is part of the Eclipse project now.

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While subclipse is a good plugin. It seems that subversive now has the upper hand. subversive is now part of the eclipse incubation process, and is planned to become the official subversion team provider for eclipse.

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Eclipse IDE has build-in integration with Concurrent Versions System (CVS), but not Subversion (SVN). Here’s a guide to show you how to make Eclipse IDE support Subversion (SVN) via Subclipse plugin.

1. Subclipse Plugin

Visit this link : , click on the “Download and Install” tab. Get the “Eclipse update site URL” for Subclipse plugin, for example

2. Eclipse IDE

In Eclipse IDE (Helios version), top menu, select “Help” –> “Install New Software…”. And puts in the “work with” textbox and click on the “Add” button. Select all components and install it.

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