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I have some .net dll's and Exe's. I need to pass MSIL files to mono project. How do i convert these Dll's to MSIL files?

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Why do you need MSIL files? – Foole Apr 19 '10 at 8:11
MSIL is officially called CIL now. – Callum Rogers Apr 19 '10 at 8:43
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You can view the IL from the DLL or EXE by running ILDASM. There's no conversion required.

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.NET dll's and exe's are MSIL files, so you do not need to convert anything.

You can use the .NET disassembler (ildasm.exe) to see that this is indeed the case.

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Actually, the content is compressed byte code which != MSIL. You still need to 'convert' it with ILDASM. – leppie Apr 19 '10 at 8:09

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