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My purpose is to process one image from image library, and save this image directly to one person record (i,e, "Tom" ), which is selected from AddressBook, I can see the new image replace Tom's previous image, but I can not save it to AddressBook.

I implemented delegate ABPeoplePickerNavigationControllerDelegate, and using following logics, but whatever I tried, modified records can not be saved to address books.

Any clues or suggest ? Thanks

    ABAddressBookRef addressBook= ABAddressBookCreate();
    CFErrorRef error = NULL;
    BOOL wantToSaveChanges = YES;

    ABRecordSetValue(person, kABPersonFirstNameProperty, @"Shi", &error);//, &error)

    NSData * dataRef = UIImagePNGRepresentation(cellImage);
    ABPersonSetImageData(person, dataRef, &error);

    if (ABAddressBookHasUnsavedChanges(addressBook)) {\
        NSLog(@"need to save ");
        if (wantToSaveChanges) {
            ABAddressBookSave(addressBook, &error);
        } else {
    }else {
        NSLog(@"no changes");

    if (error != NULL) {/*... Handle error. ...*/
        NSLog(@"error happened here " );


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What is the error (CFShow(error);)? –  KennyTM Apr 19 '10 at 8:20

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