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I work with Visual Studio 2008 and work on a web project which contains a web site. When opening the solution file, I receive the error message: "Unable to open the Web site http://localhost/myWebsite.de. The Web site http://localhost/myWebsite.de does not exist." I can see the web site greyed out, with the remark "unavailable", in the solution folder.

It is possible to add the web site to the solution, but after relaunching Visual Studio, it´s gone again.

Has anyone had this problem in a similar way?

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I think KB 326497 has your answer. Setting up an IIS virtual directory to point to the location the site is running from corrected this error for me.

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Question was probably not general enough to answer it... Must have been some problem with my SourceSafe, after I copied the web site to a local folder, I had no problems any more.

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