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I have a SPGridView that displays items from a list with filtering.

the list has some lookupfields. in my SPGridview the filter values of a lookupfield appear in this format:


which makes the filter not work because it is expecting the value only without the {id};#

is there a way to display the filter values without the {id};# part ?


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Here is how I solved this issue:

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Campaign Members">
        <%# RemoveCharacters(Eval("CampaignMembers").ToString())%> 

// Make sure declare using System.Text.RegularExpression; protected string 
RemoveCharacters(object String) 
    string s1 = String.ToString(); 
    string newString = Regex.Replace(s1, @"#[\d-];", string.Empty); 
    newString = Regex.Replace(newString, "#", " "); 
    return newString.ToString(); 
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Try setting the FilteredDataSourcePropertyFormat property to

"({1} LIKE '{0}') OR ({1} LIKE '{0};%') OR ({1} LIKE '%;#{0}') OR ({1} LIKE '%;#{0};%')"
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When you generating columns for SPGridView, use SPBoundField, not BoundField.

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