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When looking up messages in a sasl log using rb:list() or rb:show(), rb seems to dump the output in the console and return 'ok'; is there any way to configure rb to get it to return the actual log message ?


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I've been using the following function, which dumps the logs to a temporary file and reads that file:

get_logs(LogDir) ->
    TmpFile = lists:flatten(io_lib:format("log_tmp_~B_~B_~B", tuple_to_list(now()))),
        % Make the report browser write logs to a temporary file.
        % We use rb:start_link instead of rb:start, to not depend on the sasl
        % application being started.
        {ok, _} = rb:start_link([{start_log, TmpFile},
                                 {report_dir, LogDir}]),
        % We catch errors from stopping, since we're going to get one
        % if sasl isn't started.  (UTSL)
        catch rb:stop(),
        % Ouch... let's hope the logs fit in memory.
        case file:read_file(TmpFile) of
            {ok, Logs} ->
            {error, Error} ->
                io_lib:format("Couldn't read logs: ~p", [Error])
    catch _:E ->
            io_lib:format("Couldn't read logs: ~p", [E])
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