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I need to make suggestion TextBox where user can write some keywords ( to search across file archive with specified keywords ). But keywords can be entered sequentially with some delimiter.

for example: keyword1; keyword2; key...

I want to make it with GWT.

Please, tell me if you know some implementation examples (may be in JavaScript/jQuery) or how to make this.


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You are looking for the SuggestBox. But its default SuggestOracle - MultiWordSuggestOracle only allows one "suggestion" per box. So you want to write your own, custom SuggestOracle. MutipleSuggestBox is a basic/simple implementation that should get you started. For some extra insight and more eye-candy, please see the Facebook-style Autocomplete with GWT article.

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great ! thanks very much, especially for article ! –  Igor Konoplyanko Apr 20 '10 at 12:43

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