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i have a migration script that reads from one DB and write to a second DB

I usually update the existing records.I was wondering how i can log the updates like below

productID : 125
title : Product1 => test update
price : 125 => 140

Whitch means that the productID 125 had title Products1 and became test after update and had price : 125 and became 140

One thought is to read the record keep the values and then update, read again the values and the compare and log what necessary fields.

I was wondering if any other method exist.


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You could use a trigger and store the changes in another table.

From the top of my head (the following assumes that productId never will be updated);

create table main (
    `id` int not null auto_increment,
    `title` varchar(30) not null,
    `price` float not null, 
    primary key(`id`)

create table logger (
    `id` int not null auto_increment,
    `productId` int not null,
    `from_title` varchar(30) not null,
    `to_title` varchar(30) not null,
    `from_price` float not null,
    `to_price` float not null,
    primary key(`id`)

delimiter //
create trigger my_logger before update on main
    insert into
delimiter ;
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seems delicious, i have never done it before Thanks!!!!!! –  ntan Apr 19 '10 at 12:23

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