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I am a regex idiot and never found a good tutorial (links welcome, as well as a pointer to an interactive VS2010 integrated editor).

I need to parse strings in the following form:


a, b: double with "." as possible separator. CAN be empty
c: double with "." as separator
d: integer, positive

I.e. valid strings are:


;) Anyone can help?


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captures each number in its own group.

This assumes that it's legal for your double values not to contain a decimal part. If it isn't, you can use

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var match = Regex.Match("[-0.5/0.5]:0.05/2", @"\[([\.\-0-9]*)/([\.\-0-9]*)\]:([\.\-0-9]*)/([\.\-0-9]*)");
if (match.Success)
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Can sadly only choose one answer as answer ;) Thanks for the code sample. – TomTom Apr 19 '10 at 11:28

There's a regex editor on the Visual Studio Gallery:

It's not widely known, but it's possible to put whitespace and comments in your regexes. This can make a regex like these much more readable. Here's an example based on Tim Pietzcker's first answer:

var regex = @"(?x:
    ^                   # Anchor to start of string
    \[                  # [
        (-?\d+\.?\d+?)? # a - double
    /                   # /
        (-?\d+\.?\d+?)? # b - double
    \]                  # ]
    :                   # Literal colon character
        (-?\d+\.?\d+?)  # c - double
    /                   # /
        (\d+)           # d - integer
    $                   # Anchor to end of string
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