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I am developing a GWT application with presenter, dispatcher and Gin. I have a presenter which is retrieving an ArrayList<JobPosting> from server and firing a ManageJobsEvent.

dispatcher.execute(new GetJobPostings(userId), new 
DisplayCallback<GetJobPostingsResult>(display) { 
                        protected void handleFailure(Throwable e) { 
                        protected void handleSuccess(GetJobPostingsResult value) { 
                                eventBus.fireEvent(new ManageJobsEvent(value.getUserId(), 

I get the callback to onPlaceRequest(PlaceRequest request) of my another presenter but how do i get the ArrayList<JobPostings> set in the event.

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Please reformat your code so that it's easier to read. Also, what are you trying to get your place request to do, request job postings and publish an event? Your code seems to do that just fine (at least from what I can tell) – Jason Hall Apr 19 '10 at 12:40

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I'm not sure I understand your problem correctly, but since you are passing the ArrayList<JobPostings> to the constructor of the ManageJobsEvent, why not just add a getter to retrieve it?

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