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Is there any jquery datepicker that consumes json data... My json data would be a list of future dates that belongs to any month should be consumed by my datepicker which should be disabled and highlighted with a color....

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My datepicker provides this functionality using a "renderCallback".

This example shows all weekends styled differently and disabled:


And this much more complex example shows setting up different rules based on settings made on the page:


Basically you will instantiate the datePicker something like this:

Date.format = 'yyyy-mm-dd';

// Your data loaded from json - note the date formats match the Date.format you set above
var disabledDates = {'2010-04-21' : true, '2010-05-15' : true};

        renderCallback:function ($td, thisDate, month, year)
            if (disabledDates[thisDate.asString()]) {
                // disabled prevents the date from being selectable, highlight is a hook you can style...
                $td.addClass('disabled highlight');

Hope it helps :)

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@vitch great man your code does exactly what i want... –  Oscar Apr 19 '10 at 16:43

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