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How Do I go about getting the first 4 rows of my Dataframe:

              Weight Response
1   Control     59      0.0
2 Treatment     90      0.8
3 Treatment     47      0.1
4 Treamment    106      0.1
5   Control     85      0.7
6 Treatment     73      0.6
7   Control     61      0.2

In 'R'?

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Use head:

dnow <- data.frame(x=rnorm(100), y=runif(100))
head(dnow,4) ## default is 6
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Using the index:


Where the values in the parentheses can be interpreted as either logical, numeric, or character (matching the respective names):

df[row.index, column.index]

Read help(`[`) for more detail on this subject, and also read about index matrices in the Introduction to R.

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This also works if you want the first four rows from just one column. To get the first four response values: df[1:4, "Response"]. –  Iain Elder Mar 14 '14 at 1:04

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