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I have a system to handle Applications online and a different system to send SMS/Email notifications to applicants on completion using web services. I can't guarantee the availability of the SMS/Email gateway.

Option 1

After an application is complete, place a message on a JMS queue. A Message Driven bean receives the message and make a call for the web service, if it fails leave the message on the queue. I suspect (please correct if incorrect) that if the gate way is offline the continuosly try to send the message which might use up valuable resources.

Can the above option be refined are are there any other messaging strategies that can be used?

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you concept is exactly we do in our application.

Just some predictions, important things:

  1. You should decide how to handle roll backing of messages using acknowledgement or transaction
  2. If your gateway will be faster that your code you will think about improving of performance, in this case commit (acknowledgement) of some number of messages approach will be useful.

More practice info here

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