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I'm converting from C# this LINQ expression. However, it does not seem to work.


 return (from w in fishSticks
         group w by w.FishQty into g
         orderby g.Key descending
         select g).First().First();


Return (From w In fishSticks
        Group w By w.FishQty Into g()
        Order By g.Key Descending
        Select g).First().First()

Visual Studio turns Into g into Into g() itself and then gives me this error:

Definition of method 'g' is not accessible in this context.

Any ideas?

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VB.Net has different group syntax

The correct syntax is

Dim q = (From w In fishSticks
         Group By Quantity = w.FishQty Into g = Group
         Order By Quantity Descending
         Select g).First().First()
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I tried this; it actually compiles. – SLaks Apr 19 '10 at 14:57
Excellent, it works perfectly. VB is the bane of my life. Thanks for your help. – SLC Apr 19 '10 at 15:24

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