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I'm trying to implement a comet approach in my Rails application. I have the following:

def poll
  records = []
  start_time =

  while records.length == 0 do
    records = Something.find(:all,
        :conditions => { :some_condition => false})

    if records.length > 0

    sleep 1

    if - start_time >= 10

  responseData = []

  records.each do |record|
    responseData << {
      'something' => record.some_value

    # Flag message as received.
    record.some_condition = true

  render :text => responseData.to_json

Now, when I go to the URL manually, it sits there and waits for 10 seconds and times out as expected. If I modify my database so that the Something.find() returns records and then go to the URL again, the call returns immediately.

However, if I go to the URL, and then I quickly run an update on the database such that the Something.find() should find records, it just sits there until it times out after 10 seconds. I would expect that it should see the change to the database right after I make the change and return.

Any ideas why? I'm also open to suggestions on improvements.

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This is because your query is cached by default. Try this:

records = Something.uncached{Something.find(:all,
            :conditions => { :some_condition => false})}

Reference: Article 1

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Sweet! It works. Thanks. – Chad Johnson Apr 19 '10 at 16:45

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