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Take the following example.

I have a resource

public class HelloWorldResource extends ServerResource {

    public String represent(String arg) {
        return "hello, world (from the cloud!)" + arg;


That is mapped by

router.attach("/hi/{message}", HelloWorldResource.class);

Is it possible to configure the routing such that accessing /hi/somestuffhere will make restlet fill in the arg parameter in the represent method?

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Try this: String msg = (String) getRequest().getAttributes().get("message");

You can place this in an overriden doInit() method in order to let this happen automatically for all your requests to this resource.

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Can you provide a code sample where to attach the route? I'm confused if I should override a method in my Resource class or just attach the route when I start my application... –  cringe Nov 5 '11 at 10:10

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