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I found that my map tasks is currently inefficient when parsing one particular set of files (total 2 TB). I'd like to change the block size of files in the Hadoop dfs (from 64MB to 128 MB). I can't find how to do it in the documentation for only one set of files and not the entire cluster, does anyone know the command that would change the block size when I upload it (ie copy from local to the dfs)?


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Not sure if/when the parameter changed, but it is now called "dfs.block.size". – user588354 Jan 26 '11 at 0:27
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I change my answer! You just need to set the fs.local.block.size configuration setting appropriately when you use the command line.

hadoop fs -D fs.local.block.size=134217728 -put local_name remote_location

Original Answer

You can programatically specify the block size when you create a file with the Hadoop API. Unfortunately, you can't do this on the command line with the hadoop fs -put command. To do what you want, you'll have to write your own code to copy the local file to a remote location; it's not hard, just open a FileInputStream for the local file, create the remote OutputStream with FileSystem.create, and then use something like IOUtils.copy from Apache Commons IO to copy between the two streams.

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For me, I had to slightly change Bkkbrad's answer to get it to work with my setup, in case anyone else finds this question later on. I've got Hadoop 0.20 running on Ubuntu 10.10:

hadoop fs -D dfs.block.size=134217728 -put local_name remote_location

The setting for me is not fs.local.block.size but rather dfs.block.size

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note the new change in hadoop 2.0.4: dfs.blocksize (…) – Kiran Jun 7 '13 at 6:13

you can also modify your block size in your programs like this

Configuration conf = new Configuration() ;

conf.set( "dfs.block.size", 128*1024*1024) ;
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