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Is there an efficient workflow to mirror a project that is mainly hosted on bitbucket using Hg, to github?

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See also… – Wimmel Dec 2 '10 at 15:29

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You could use a tool like hg-git to:

  • setup a Git repository somewhere that you have push access to,
  • and then run hg push [path] from within your project. For example:
$ cd hg-git # (a Mercurial repository)
$ hg bookmark -r default master # make a bookmark of master for default, so a ref gets created
$ hg push git+ssh://
$ hg push

This will convert all our Mercurial data into Git objects and push them up to the Git server.
You can also put that path in the [paths] section of .hg/hgrc and then push to it by name.


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Thanks. I did take a brief look at hg-git, but I see that it is still in an alpha state. I tried installing it in cygwin but I am having some stability issue with it at the moment. Provided this works, though, it is definitely a useful tool in the workflow. – Santa Apr 19 '10 at 20:23

As of July 2013 there is BitSyncHub a web service for automating this process via a BitBucket post-receive hook. You will need to grant the service write permission to your GitHub repository though (add bitsynchub as a contributor).

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Add git-remote-hg to your bin path. Then you can mirror as mentioned on github.

git clone --mirror  hg::https://bitbucket_repo

then, go into your cloned repo

git remote set-url --push origin

finally, sync your mirror

git fetch -p origin
git push --mirror
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One more available solution to quickly convert:

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